The Dreams Celebration in Kaoni Gallery.

The Dreams Celebration in Kaoni Gallery.

Dear friends! As far as you remember the 18th of November we all met in Kaoni Gallery  in Barcelona to celebrate the Dreams. In here I will explain you how it went!

For the improvisation we covered the paintings with some white bed sheets. First we took the public all the way to the interior garden decorated with some big lamps creating some magnificent shades. We paid a visit to the greatest garden of desires, dreams and sensuality. Emerging into the profoundness of a cello song and to the delicacy of a flute whisper, we travelled around the mysterious trees full of memories and Socrates wisdom. The dance took us back to the main gallery room where the prediction of the paintings took place. After the initial separation of the protagonists they crossed their paths. Covered with the white shits, as they were a live painting themselves, they laid down into the ground, now being together again. The dream became truth.

You can find the video and lots of photos in my FB 😉

Dancing, physical theater – Pau Aran Gimeno
Paintings, physicial theater, production – Anna Dart
Flute, singing – Yexza Lara
Cello – Martin Melendez
Design of the illumination – Pancho García
Art critic – Gabriel Virgilio Luciani
Photos – Mao Photography and Miyabi Román

Thanks for coming and being with us!